I love swinging by a restaurant and grabbing food to eat at home. Apparently I'm not alone.

A new survey from Press Association out of England found that the average person eats take-out around 2,875 times in their life.  Based on the 62 years you're an adult between and 18 and 80, that means you eat take-out about 46 times a year.

The cost of all that food?   Almost $27,000.

28% of people surveyed said they eat carryout about once every two weeks.  26% said weekly, 9% said twice a week, and 6% said three times a week or more.

The most popular reason for eating out was people not wanting to cook.

I think 2,875 times is actually a little low. That's like eating out every night for eight years. All I know is I love Chinese Take-Out.

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