Will Eating Ice Really Kill My Dog
The internet is an amazing source of information. The bad news is that all the information online is not true! I could easily write that I am the most handsome and richest man in the world - but that doesn't make it true...but maybe it is.
Mysterious Fish Eats An Entire Live Duck
I am not going to say that there is a Loch Ness Monster or that I believe in Bigfoot - but sometimes it is hard to explain things that actually happen close to where you live. Like this video of a mysterious fish that eats an entire live duck!
The 10 Day-To-Day Things That Make People
Winning a ton of money and getting away with punching someone in the face are all great moments.  But those can't happen on a daily basis.  If ever.
A new survey in Daily Mail figured out the top 10 little, day-to-day things that make people happy.
Five Breakfasts You Should Never Eat Again
Eating a healthy breakfast can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, protect your heart, improve your attention span, and even increase your sex drive.
With that in mind, here's a list of five breakfasts you should never eat, according to
Foods You Hated As a Child That You Don’t Mind Now
My husband asked me to cook brussel sprouts for him the other night and he was shocked to find out that I wouldn't eat them bescause my mom made us eat them as a child and I hated them. It is kind of odd that I still hate brussel sprouts because most of the food I hated as a child I love now, l…

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