If you don't like the cold but you are still looking for some fun things to do this winter with the family, there are quite a few places you can enjoy with the kids that are indoors. Sure, we could always use more fun indoor activities, but there are quite a few already available.

It should be stated that any indoor activity not listed was not intentional. Let us know what we missed and we will add it to the list.


  • 1

    Blast Masters

    Take the kids to an indoor Nerf Gun Arena. There is a party room, arcade games and of course, the indoor arena. Plus it is sure to wear the kids out after a few hours of running around.

  • 2

    Jump Time

    This place is the definition of wearing out a kid. Indoor trampoline park is not only a ton of fun but it exerts a ton of energy. Definitely keeping the family warm and tired.

  • 3

    Laser Mania

    Who doesn't love a good round of laser tag?! So much fun. You know your kids can let out some aggression and some smack talking this way. And again, another fun activity sure to wear them out. Get them some exercise for the winter.

  • 4


    I have never been good at skating but I still have a ton of fun trying. Plus watching parents teach their kids how to skate has to be one of the most adorable and memorable moments.

  • 5


    Bowling is always fun. You can get some junk food, throw a heavy ball down the lane and realize the strange muscles it takes to actually bowl. Lots of fun.

  • 6

    Gemstone Climbing

    There is something for all levels of climbers and active members. Little kids can learn how to climb on the smallest walls and those who are older or more experienced have options as well. Plus, again, great way to wear them out.

  • 7

    Hands On

    Get their creative side going. Hands On is a great family fun place to paint and learn some new things.

  • 8

    Twin Falls City Pool

    Even though it was vandalized, it is still up and running. Right now they have a temporary fix so you can go to the warm pool and have some fun with the kids there.

  • 9

    Escape Rooms

    Challenge the families critical thinking skills. The escape rooms around here are so much fun. They have great themes and you can see if your family can actually work together.

  • 10


    The classic arcade option. Some of the best memories I have are from having a sack of quarters and 3 hours to kill at an arcade. Check out Playjoy in the Magic Valley Mall.

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