The FitOne Race in Boise has been going on for quite some time now. You can race a 5K, 10K and half marathon. All the funds from it stays in Idaho to help keep the community healthy.

The race is going to be on September 28th but they have events leading up to the big race. On September 26th and September 27th there is going to be a Healthy Living Expo at JUMP in Downtown Boise. The expo is free and open to the public. If you are a racer you can also pick up all your packet information there. It is also a good way to get more ideas about health and wellness as a way of life.

When I spoke with Eric Stride, the FitOne Director he emphasized how it isn't about the avid runner or the best athlete but rather the average person who is looking to make a healthy change in life. It is just a fun and friendly way to get off the couch, interact with people and maybe meet some new friends.

The race starts at the Idaho State Capitol Building and ends at Ann Morrison Park where you will be getting some snacks and swag. It is $35 for the 5K race unless you are under the age of 12, everyone under the age of 12 is free. The races increase in prices based on the length of the race. It also increases more come August 31st so if you want to race you may want to get your registration done quickly.

I really wish I could do this race. It sounds like a ton of fun and the people I have spoken to about the event all say that people cheer and support you all the way.

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