There was pictures of dogs running around in the water at the First Federal Park splash pad over the weekend. Is this a health hazard or completely normal? Is a dog the worst thing that's in the water?

I am asking because I legitimately don't know. Looked online and can't find the rules if the dogs are actually not allowed in the splash pad. Some people debated that the splash pad is for children and should not be for dogs. It is considered a health hazard I guess.

But if it is just for children, what is the man in presumably blue jeans doing in the water? And why is he wearing what appears to be jeans or Dickies? Those have to be the WORST fabric to walk around wet in. Chaffing is going to happen.

dog in splash parkAnyway, what do you think?

Should dogs be allowed to be in the water? Are they simply cooling off or is it something that should not be happening?

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