You can map out your Christmas light display viewing thanks to this handy dandy Magic Valley Christmas Light display Map. If you have an impressive Christmas light display yourself, you can even add your home to the must stop list on the map.

This is a fantastic idea, you won't have to miss a single display and you don't have to go searching. This map tells you everywhere you want to go. It has places like the Candy Cane House in Twin Falls, Barth Holiday Lights in Kimberley and the rock Creek Lights at the Rock Creek General Store. That is just to name a few.

Some of these displays I have admittedly never heard of before. There is a place called Always Christmas at 925 Wirshing Avenue and on Saturday nights they have a bonfire with special guests. I feel like I have been truly missing something.

The map also gives you exactly when the display is going to be up and running and if there are special directions to get the full experience. For example, you can tune to 94.1 when you visit Sommer St lights at 1527 Sommer St or 96.1 at the Candy Cane House. Both located in Twin Falls.

To get more information about how to see these lights you can click here. You can also find out how to get your home on the map. They also have a Facebook page where information will be updated as needed.

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Twin Falls Christmas List

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