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Plant Appreciation Day
Value your plants. They make a space full of something living or green or something like that. Don't feel guilty over killing them. Sometimes they grow back!
Magic Valley Chorale Spring Concert
All are invited to enjoy the 2019 Spring Sing from the Magic Valley Chorale. Saturday, April 13th at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 14th at 4:00pm at the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium.
RSMS Musical Weekend
Thursday through Saturday (14th-16th) at 7pm., Robert Stuart Middle School will perform for your entertainment, at Canyon Ridge High School, Disney's Lion King Jr.
Magic Valley Youth Orchestra Winter Concert
They've worked hard for months and now we get to reap the fruits of their labor! I'm so proud of the kids in this group and hope everyone can come to a concert on Saturday, March 9th at 3pm in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium.
It's Love Your Pet Day!
I only have a dog and a fish. I'm in the minority here. So, I'm thinking we should show 'em off. Let's give the pets some love today!
Twin Falls Animal Shelter Does It Right
I realize everyone takes pictures of pets. I thought I'd try a hand. Now humbled, I have developed a new appreciation for the photographers that post pictures for the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.
Squirrel Appreciation Day?
Here we are again at Squirrel Appreciation Day. I am amazed that this is still a thing. It's like having an appreciation day for goat heads in your bicycle tires, or appreciating that eyelash stuck in your eye!

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