Every morning I say a little prayer before The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie, that somewhere, some how Brad and I will actually make someone laugh or at least bring a smile to someone's grumpy morning face.  So it's nice when a study like this reminds me of how awesome we really are. Ha ha!!

According to a scientific study from The Telegraph , listening to the radio makes people happier than watching TV or surfing the Internet.  Yup, 95.7 KEZJ is officially better than shopping at Macys.com or stalking your ex on Facebook.

 In the study, people felt a 100% boost in their happiness and a 300% boost in their energy levels when they were listening to the radio versus not consuming any type of media.

TV and the Internet also boosted people's happiness, but only about HALF as much as radio.

Mark Barber of Britain's Radio Advertising Bureau explained the results.  Quote, "Radio plays an important emotional role in people's lives.  People use radio as a lifestyle support system."


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