What St Jude Means to Me
The first time I heard about St Jude is when my grandmother sent me a Christmas card that said, "Instead of getting you a Christmas present this year, I gave a donation to the sick babies at St Jude in your name." I quickly learned, that while I was busy growing up, a lot of other …
No Child Should Die in the Dawn of Life
Danny Thomas had a dream and you can be part of it. His dream was that, "No child should die in the dawn of life". It's a powerful dream, and makes you realize that not every child has a full, healthy childhood.
Awkward Company Photos
Every company I have ever worked for has required me to participate in a company picture. Ugh!
There are several types of people when it comes to company photos:
KEZJ Super Bowl Shuffle
Am I the only person that dislikes the "victory dance" when a touchdown has been made in football? Want to see how dumb they look?
Black Wednesday at PFCU
Join Jackie for Black Wednesday at Pioneer Federal Credit Union from 5am to 7am on Wednesday, November 25th.
Black Wednesday is the New Black Friday and Biggest Wednesday of the Year. You won't see interest rates this low anywhere!
The Barking Owls
Erik and Andy stopped by the KEZJ studio. These two men are amazingly talented. Listen to them play the mandolin, guitar and harmonica.
Join Jackie at Big Dog Satellite at Noon
-Big Dog is LOCAL
-Walk in our store for Local, Friendly, Salespeople, and Installers
-We have been in Southern Idaho for over 10 years
-Do not buy satellite tv and Internet from DOOR to DOOR salesman
-Come talk to someone you can trust
Rap Music on 95.7 KEZJ?
A lot of you have expressed that you like rap and hip hop music. So we thought why not combined rap and hip hop with country music?
What do you think?
Radio Makes People Happier Than TV or the Internet
Every morning I say a little prayer before The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie, that somewhere, some how Brad and I will actually make someone laugh or at least bring a smile to someone's grumpy morning face.  So it's nice when a study like this reminds me of how awesome we really a…

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