What's going on?

Halloween Store Is Hiring For Twin Falls
It seems crazy to think that summer is almost officially completely over. Fall is almost a month away and with the changing of the seasons comes all things spooky. It looks like Spirit Halloween is officially hiring for Twin Falls.
Twin Falls Is Getting A New Drive Thru Coffee Shop
There is no such thing as too much coffee. Coffee makes the world go round and makes the world a better place. At least, I think it does and I know some people who would agree. It looks like Twin Falls is getting a new drive thru coffee shop and I can't be more excited.
Would You Adopt An Old Pet From The Twin Falls Shelter
Getting a pet is a big decision. A lot of the time when people head down to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to adopt a pet, they are looking for a puppy or a kitten. I mean it make sense, you want as much time as possible with your new best friend. But does that mean old pets aren't adoptable?
Shoshone Police Show Sneak Peek Into Life As K9 Officer
I have to admit, if I were to ever become a police officer I would definitely want to be a K9 handler. Not just because you get to take your dog to work every single day and they are the coolest, but you get to have one of the most loyal partners ever. Well, the Shoshone Police Department shared a l…