The COVID 19 vaccine is starting to be distributed and St. Luke's is preparing for the stocking and distribution of the vaccine. I am curious if you are planning on taking the vaccine?

This is not if the vaccine is determined to be mandatory, I am not here to say that anyone should or should not take the vaccine, I am just curious how many people are planning on taking it.

St Luke's is getting ready to house the vaccine in large refrigeration units as the vaccine gets shipped across the nation. KMVT reported on the press release about how St Luke's Health System is getting ready for the first shipment.

According to the press release there will be precautions in handling the vaccine and will be stored in a cold facility.

I am not exactly sure how it will be distributed yet, if there is going to be appointments that people need to request, if it is going to be like the flu shot where you can go to different pharmacies or doctors to get the shot. But I am sure we are going to find out soon.

Again, I am not telling anyone they should or should not get the vaccine and this question is based on volunteering alone. If the vaccine somehow becomes mandatory that will be a different story completely.

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