Idaho is one of the few states on the west coast that have not legalized marijuana in some way, shape or form. Oregon just decriminalized hard drugs, which is crazy to me, and New Jersey just legalized marijuana. Should Idaho follow suit?

I remember when legalizing marijuana was something that everyone was astounded over. Now it seems like states are legalizing it and people are more shocked that it isn't. There are several groups on social media that are advocates for it and I know plenty of people who are not advocates for it and believe it shouldn't be legalized even for medicinal use.

I don't really have a horse in this race, I am just more interested to see how people in Idaho think. Especially since there is a potential for Jackpot to get a marijuana dispensary, should Idaho legalize it? I know we are done with elections but it might be something to consider on the next ballot if enough people are for it. If not then I guess that is exactly why Idaho is one of the few states in the west who have not legalized it.

Maybe you believe it should only be used for medicinal purposed and recreational use would cause more harm than good. Again, I am not really sure and I am not super invested in the decision. Would be interesting to hear from those who are though.

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Strange Idaho Laws

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