The Orton Botanical Garden will officially open for the holiday season on Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy Christmas in the Garden and embrace the Christmas spirit. I can't wait for the light display.

Orton Botanical Garden:

Orton Botanical Garden is actually open year-round. It is a 5 acre garden in Twin Falls that has cactus and plenty of Idaho native plants. It gives some information about them so you can learn about local foliage. You can also purchase some of the plants at the garden. During the "not winter" months you can check out the plants that have bees and butterflies. It really is a beautiful place.

Christmas in the Garden

During the winter and the holidays, Orton Botanical Garden turns into a Christmas light display. The 5 acres are covered in lights and decorations. You can go check it out during the holidays this year starting on Thanksgiving day. The Christmas in the Garden will run Thanksgiving through January 1st from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Cost for the experience

If you plan on attending there is a suggested donation of $5 dollars per person and $15 dollars per family. It can't be cheap to run the massive display. You can get more information at their website.

Contact information and location

Orton Botanical Garden is located at 867 Filer Avenue West in Twin Falls. If you want to give them a call you can contact them at 208 734 7959. You can also follow them on Facebook or go to their website.

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