A Twin Falls axe throwing duo made it to the World Axe Throwing Championship, and they were the only team from Idaho to do it. You can even follow their journey on ESPN. 

Jon Jolley and Vince Prater make up the throwing duo "Happy Little Axe-idents"  where they competed in 4 different regional tournaments and made it to the World Axe Throwing Championship where they competed to win $50 thousand dollars in total prize money.

The two competed in three different axe disciplines, both competing in Hatchet and Big Axe as well as Duals. Duals involve two throwers throwing hatchets at the same target at the same time.

The process to qualify is a year long and each team earns circuit points to be able to compete in tournaments. Jon and Vince throw out of the Bearded Axe in Twin Falls and competed in Denver, Billings and Flagstaff to qualify for the championship tournament. They finished second, fourth and seventh twice.

Overall they finished 33rd out of 70 duals teams. You can watch the event when it re-airs on ESPN 2, ESPNU and on-demand on ESPN3. They are hopeful that next year they will make it to the final round as competitors. And we are definitely rooting for them too.

For those interested in the sport, Axe throwing leagues in Twin Falls at the Bearded Axe starts Tuesday, January 4th and you can give it a try. If you want to follow their team "Happy Little Axe-idents" you can follow them on social media.

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