The Magic Valley, specifically Twin Falls, is a great place to live and raise a family. There isn't too much traffic, the crime rate is relatively low, and life seems much simpler than in other places. Like everywhere, it has its flaws, but overall it is a good place to call home. It is great for hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing, and there is everything you need to enjoy life day-to-day. While all of these things are true, there is one major benefit right now to living in Twin Falls compared to other places, and many are likely taking it for granted. 

Big Benefit of Living in Twin Falls, Idaho

Credit: Twin Falls
Credit: Twin Falls

There are many benefits to living in Twin Falls, but specifically right now, there is one major benefit that many may not think about. It seems daily, stories are going out of business, filing for bankruptcy and closing locations, or fast food chains downsizing. While this is all devastating news, living in Twin Falls, may not be as bad as other places. As much as residents complain at times of having only one Taco Bell or one Chick-fil-A, it may save the locations in Twin Falls if either were to downsize and eliminate locations. Because of having only one in town, most of these places are profitable, because there aren't as many options as other places. 

Small Town Life Has Benefits

Benito Baeza
Benito Baeza

So long as most residents continue to support these places, they will likely continue to stay, as they aren't costing the businesses money. Despite this, it doesn't mean these places won't close. MOD Pizza was recently a casualty, as well as Bed Bath and Beyond a year before that. Being in a smaller town, these places won't see the foot traffic as stores and restaurants in bigger areas, but they likely are in the green, as with fewer options, more and more customers per capita likely shop or eat at these places. 

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More and more places will inevitably file for bankruptcy and either go out of business entirely or start eliminating locations. The hope is that the places in Twin Falls will be spared, so long as residents continue to support them and not take for granted what we have in Twin Falls. 

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