Portside Pizza and Pub is a new restaurant coming to Burley and it is definitely going to be a place you want to go to. We spoke with the owners of the upcoming restaurant and it sounds like it is going to be killer food and an amazing atmosphere.

Portside Pizza And Pub Menu And Location

Portside Pizza and Pub will be located 197 US 30 in Burley right along the river. It is going to have great food and a beautiful view. They will offer hand tossed, thin crust New York Style pizza and it will have all the basic when you think of pizza. There will also be some surprises and interesting toppings for you if you want to feel a little adventurous. The chef is actually a pizza master from Italy. Wow! You know it is going to be epic! They will also be offering calzones, salads, sandwiches, and personal pizza options. Oh, and cannoli's!

Opening Details For Portside Pizza and Pub

It looks like they are going to be opening to the public for a Grand Opening Campfire and Cocktails on October 15th. There will be live music, a bonfire, cocktails, beer, and of course, delicious pizza. It is going to be an all ages event. They do suggest to bring a lawn chair to ensure you have a place to sit. The event, again, will be October 15th starting at 7 pm and running until 10 pm.

They are offering a soft opening, not for the general public, on October 12th, they will be handing out free pizza for firs and police, schools, the hospital, and other heroes in the community.

The Family And The Chef

This place is owned by the same people that run the Boathouse in Burley. The chef, again, is a pizza master from Italy! He actually joined the US Navy when he immigrated here from Italy. His family recipes are going to be front and center, along with some new ideas.

Details For Everyday Opening After

The Portside Pizza and Pub will be open every day until 10 pm. Friday through Monday they will be open for lunch hours as well. Karaoke will be a staple every Friday. Saturdays will have live bands. Cornhole tournaments on their lawn will also be something they are working to bring.

This place is not only going to be a great place to get pizza with a view, it is going to be an experience every time you go there. I can't wait until October!

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