A massive elk was shot in Idaho that could potentially be record-breaking. However, it is causing some serious issues with avid hunters due to the nature of the way the elk was killed.

When I wrote the original story about the elk being shot, I could not find information about it being high-fence hunt or wild. Now that we have confirmation, this elk was shot on a ranch in Idaho.

Reports indicate that the massive elk was shot at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch as a canned hunt. The massive bull elk was shot by Brian Dhooghe and the hunt was purchased for his birthday.

The guide of the trip told Brian about the massive elk and it was an opportunity he didn't want to miss. High Fence hunting is sold to people who want to hunt without going out in the wild. This hunt was done on a 10 thousand-acre ranch.

The controversy has caused some anger among the avid hunter and I understand it. The guy broke a record on a ranch that raises these elk. It is not wild, he did not have to hike around and find it in the middle of nowhere. Should it count as a record-breaking elk if it isn't a wild elk?

Regardless of whether it is high-fence or not, the thing is super impressive to look at. Some people online claimed it was fake and photoshopped. The reports indicate that the elk was in fact real. And the amount of meat that elk is going to provide is impressive. Could you imagine walking into that house with that mounted on the wall?! Holy cow!

That elk was hanging around for years on a 10 thousand-acre ranch and this guy finally got him. I don't know if it should be allowed as record-breaking, but it is fun to look at. And I have to admit, if someone bought me a canned hunt for my birthday and I heard about this guy, I would take advantage of it too.

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