A potential record-breaking elk was allegedly shot in Idaho. The picture was shared by the butcher who is the one that claims he will be butchering it. The elk is absolutely enormous and they are just waiting for official measurements.


It is likely, but not confirmed, that this was shot on a farm that raises prize game for people to pay and harvest. It is not likely that this was wild. However, we have been unable to confirm or deny anything and will update once more information becomes available.

The elk was shot in Idaho and the information was shared on October 8th. I am sure it is going to take a little time to get the officials to come to check on it. I haven't been able to find official statistics yet on this massive guy. If the stats come in and this elk is harvested at a world-record size, it would take the top position over another Idaho hunter. The previous record elk was shot by an Idahoan on Utah land.

The previous elk was a non-typical measurement of 478 5/8 inches. It was shot in 2008 and beat the previous record by 13 inches. The biggest bull ever harvested was shot in Idaho at the Broadmouth Canyon Ranch in Idaho at 566 inches. That is the world record archery bull elk.

Once official measurements come in, we will update for sure on the measurements of this beast. For now, good luck to that butcher who is getting ready to prepare a lot of meat.

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