We are down to the top 8 restaurants in each category. So we are putting the diners and Mexican restaurants in one bracket, we will put them against each other in round 3. So make sure you vote for your favorites.

I know March Madness is closer to over than not but that is ok, we are going to continue to have fun with the brackets. Vote for the top restaurants in Twin Falls. These are Mexican restaurants and diners. It is going to get harder and harder as we go. There are so many amazing options.

This I think is a great way to support local restaurants and help us find the best restaurant in the area. There are too many amazing choices so maybe this will help people who are still trying to find good food in Twin Falls. It isn't hard to find.

We are still dwindling down the Steakhouses and the Bar and Grill options. If you want to vote for them we you can here or keep scrolling. The voting will be over shortly. So if you want to support your favorite place this is the way to do it.

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We were having some technical difficulties with the steakhouse and bar and grill options so make sure your vote gets counted since it was a struggle getting it to go through last time around.

Let's enjoy some March Madness the right way, with food, brackets and supporting local. I am really curious which restaurant will be named number 1.

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