Country artist Lainey Wilson has blown onto the scene full force. She has won award after award and had so many collaborations with other artists. Lainey Wilson has been to the Twin Falls area a few times now. She was caught representing a local small shop while performing at the Grand Ol Opry.

Lainey Wilson Performing At Grand Ol Opry

Lainey Wilson played at the Grand Ol Opry representing a small boutique in Twin Falls, Whiskey Bent, in a beautiful gold duster. Not only did she absolutely kill her performance, but she looked stellar doing it in a duster given to her by Whiskey Bent located in Downtown Twin Falls.

Lainey Wilson In Twin Falls

Lainey Wilson performed at Gordy's Hwy 30 Music Fest for the last two years. Coming up in June of 2023 she will also be headlining the Wednesday night lineup composed of all women. Lainey is an amazing performer and has one of the most charming personalities you will ever encounter.

Whiskey Bent In Downtown Twin Falls

Whiskey Bent Trading company is a retailer of both men's and women's western fashion. They are located at 236 Main Avenue. They do a lot of fun stuff on social media from giveaways to Whiskey Wednesday. They have some really cute clothes and it is always nice to support locals.

It is so cool that Lainey Wilson chose to wear that gold duster at the Grand Ol Opry. It is almost like she took a little part of Twin Falls with her on the stage.

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