How would you like to drop a giant Indiana Jones style boulder on your friends, or launch a rocket straight into their grill? With the app "Action Movie" by Bad Robot Interactive, you can!

The apps in the Apple App Store never fail to surprise and amaze. I made this video last night starring my son Jack in our dining room. I shot the video with Jack sitting on the table and the app showed me where the special effect would "land" with on screen guides. Then it was just a matter of letting the app do it's work.

Amazingly the table held up rather well to the boulder attack.

From the man who bought us the latest 'Star Trek' reboot, and the last two 'Impossible: Mission' movies, writer/director J.J. Abrams gives us "Action Movie," the app that allows you to add studio-quality special effects to your own movies shot on your iPhone 4, iPod touch, or iPad 2.

This free app provides a ton of free amusement, and seriously, there isn't anything better than dropping a car on a loved one.


*No toddlers were harmed in the making of this video.

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