Only Heroes Have iPhones
This is great news cause I have a friend who is total iPhone hater, and often suggests that people who use iPhones are dumb. Well guess what... When you watch a movie, any movie, the villain won't ever have an iPhone. Here's why.
iPhone Tips & Tricks [EZ DIY]
It's one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but there are iPhone tips and tricks that even power users aren't familiar with. Learn how to block calls, check notifications, and use the Usage menu.
Still Make Calls? [Poll]
I can't count the times I have been busted for screening my calls. Honestly - I hate talking on the phone and the only time I answer is when my wife calls (because I value my life).
Teens Without Tech
Kids these days are spoiled with their iPhones. Find out what happens when we taken away a teenager's smartphone.

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