Since we aren't really required to wear face coverings anymore, we came up with some fun ways to repurpose those face masks if you have a ton of them in your car, purse or home. Sure you can always throw them away or save them for another time. Or you can do some of these things.

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  • 1

    A Headband

    If you were using a facemask that looked like a bandana or handkerchief, you can always use it as a cool looking head band. There were some interesting face mask designs that would go well with an outfit.

  • 2

    A handkerchief

    Sometimes you just need an emergency snot rag. I would not judge. It is better than a paper towel and softer on the nose.

  • 3

    Glasses Cleaner

    Use it to clean your sunglasses or regular glasses. Mine are always getting dusty or dirty so at least the soft material likely won't scratch the lenses.

  • 4

    Eye mask for sleeping

    I have seen some kids using them on car rides to keep the sun out of their eyes. Hey, if it works why not.

  • 5

    Dip stick cleaner

    I never seem to have paper towels in my car and sometimes you just have to check the oil. Use that old face mask that has been sitting in your car. Chances are you still have one in there somewhere

  • 6

    Make up remover

    Put some water on there and start cleaning your make up off your face. You could also use it to clean make up brushes and not worry too much about the brushes getting destroyed.

  • 7

    Emergency TP while camping

    We have all been there. It could be a better option than using that questionable leaf.

  • 8

    Fun sling shot/catapult

    This is something I could see me doing when I was a kid. Just don't use rocks, use something soft like a stuffed animal or something.

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