The Big Idaho Potato Truck travels all over the country sharing information about Idaho potatoes. The giant spud was traveling through California when it got busted for speeding, among other things. 

Violations include: speeding through town. Apparently, that hot tot was peeling through town at nearly 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. The crazy tater also didn't have enough straps to secure it leading to the potential mash of a disaster. You can open your eyes and see that this was no small fry and it came in weighing way over the limit.

Bottom line, no matter if it is a famous tuber or not, that spud needs to obey the rules. Thankfully, they were able to butter up that officer and have some fun. The ticket was technically real, but the events did not happen. The potato truck is ending its travel season and everyone walked away a little happier. Remember, taters gonna tate.

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