Idaho has over $6.3 million dollars in unclaimed property and if some of it is yours, it can be easy to claim. All you really have to do is look up your name and/or your business to see if some of it is supposed to be going to you.

If you go to the Idaho run website and search your name or your business name it will tell you if there are any unclaimed properties that you can actually claim. I looked up myself and not surprisingly enough I don't have any unclaimed property, but I did start searching for friends and family and there is quite a bit of money left on the table.

According to the website millions of dollars are transferred to the Unclaimed Property Program each year by companies that can't locate the owners. Basically that money goes into a big fund until people start claiming it and proving that it is theirs.

You can check online you can also call the office at 208 332 3942 to check availability and just go in and visit if you are more inclined to do that.

I seriously wish that I had some hidden money somewhere, that could be super useful right now. But I guess I should be happy I don't have to go through the claim process. You can also check other states and see if any other areas are having a hard time finding you. It is a super handy tool.

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