7 Outrageous Ways To Spend $10,000 In Twin Falls
As you may know, we are having a contest right now that gives you a chance to win cash up to $10,000 dollars by entering code words. So we decided to come up with some crazy ways to spend $10,000 dollars. You know, give you some fun ideas if you win.
How Idahoans Are Pandemic-Proofing Their Wallets
COVID has taught us plenty of things. It has taught us that we weren't nearly as healthy as we thought we were, that we touch our faces more than we knew and that we can do our jobs from home if we have to. Of course, we've also learned that tomorrow isn't guaranteed and that jobs can…
$9.9 Million Fine to Idaho Man for Robocalls
As technology has gotten more and more advanced so have the way pranks and scams are done. Now there are phone apps that can do the prank for you with a set of already prerecorded prank calls. Probably not the best idea. Especially after reading this.

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