Distracted driving in Idaho causes a large number of accidents and unfortunately can also take the lives of those involved and cost families extreme emotional pain. But, it can also exact a toll on the people that work for companies that assist emergency personnel.

Mark, the owner of Marky's Super Tow, explained the different types of accidents they encounter that are the result of distracted driving.

Mark: "The least extreme is tire changes and most extreme are rollovers, head-ons, semi wrecks and things like that."

What are the worst types of scenes you come upon?

Mark: "The worst are semi rollovers and probably second to that would be cars that rollover into the canyon."

How do you and your crew deal with the emotional aspect of assisting in a fatality wreck or some of the more extreme accidents you see?

Mark: "You never know what wreck you're gonna go to or what the situation is. A lot of times people are fine, but other times we've got to help fire departments or law enforcement or roll vehicles over that people are trapped in. So, everything seems a little different."

What is the most common type of distracted driving that you find causes the most accidents?

Mark: "When I first got into the towing, a lot of it was driving drunk. The big thing right now is texting and driving where almost on a daily basis, there's accidents caused by texting and driving or not paying attention or driving too fast."

Drive means drive. When you're behind the wheel, texting and driving is the quickest way to meet a guy like Mark with his tow truck. Some that have done this unfortunately are not around to see their vehicle being hauled off. It's one of the unnecessary tragedies that has become way too common in the Magic Valley.

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