I have been here a little over three and a half years now and I have heard about these amazing tunnels underneath Twin Falls, but I have no idea how to get there or what they look like. Well, now I know a little bit more about them.

So Hey Arnel is a Twin Falls Vlogger who likes to go around and check out cool things in Idaho. Arnel has done a tone of vlogs and recently he did two videos about the tunnels under Twin Falls. The first one was more about the smaller tunnels you can check out.

Arnel recently published part two of his underground tunnel adventure where he was able to explore what is apparently the largest tunnel under Twin Falls.

Now, I wouldn't consider myself terribly claustrophobic or anything that would make me afraid to go there, necessarily. However, I have to admit going down there would be daunting. This tunnel that Arnel found actually looks pretty massive. It almost looks like a cave. He said the tunnel he found was actually the I. B. Perrine tunnel. If you are going to go head down there make sure you don't get lost because it looks like you could easily get turned around.

Maybe I am the only one that would get super confused going to a place like this. Maybe I am the only one who finds this entire thing to be frightening. I don't really know. All I do know is that there are tunnels under Twin Falls, which is mind blowing to me, and if you decide to go check them out make sure you are very careful.

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