It begins as an idea. What can you do with your Saturday morning? The lawn is already mowed, kids are old enough to be on their own for a few hours, movies aren’t open yet, but you want to get out of the house.

Enter the savior of lazy Saturdays everywhere, the farmer’s market. No longer will a weekend morning be aimless. Finding fresh local produce isn’t the only thing at a farmer’s market. Plenty of crafts made by local home artists are available as well. How many of those extra items are anything you would want?

Who Else Does This at the Farmer's Market?

@nataliecannoli_I always feel so bad hahaha♬ original sound - Natalie Cannoli

For me to stop the stroll, I need to be wowed. Maybe if someone grows food into shapes, we can talk. Fruits squeezed into unnatural shapes are like foie gras for vegetarians.

What Interesting Things Will You Find at Your Next Market Event?

It’s not just farmer’s markets. There’s a Fall Vendor Event at the Twin Falls City Park that looks promising for an opportunity to ‘circle back’. Do I need bath bombs that look like candy? How do I feel about 3D-printed nativity scenes? Not sure what will be there, but expectations are high.

I’m not sure how often one has a need for a hand-crafted computer screen cover made out of pumpkin vine fibers woven into the shape of, you guessed it, a pumpkin. Kudos for the ingenuity. Not going to swing back by, but you want the vendor to feel appreciated, so you put on a ‘Wow’ face, point, and move on.

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Maybe I’ll find a home juice vendor who adds sparkling water for a home soda vibe and gives the shopping a little kick.

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