This dramatic video of a father jumping out of a speeding car to save his daughter started making rounds yesterday. I first spotted it on Gizmodo. Apparently the little girl somehow managed to get into the front seat of the vehicle, unlock the door, and jump out into traffic. Her father somehow managed to get to the passenger seat and then jumped out into traffic to save his daughter's life. I call that a hero. The comments on the video take a very different angle. Are they right?

Here are a few comments from YouTube. Commenter Covinus03 says:

Yea, this isn't exactly "heroic", it's him trying to fix a mistake (not to mention with the cars going 20 mph and stopping 20 feet before the kid it's not exactly an amazingly near death experience). The dad should have never let his daughter get into a position where she can fall out of a moving car, that's just terrible parenting.

Jayson231984 shares a similar sentiment:

This isn't being a hero, this is being a bad parent, this baby is small enough to where it should have been in a car seat. Or at least have the child lock doors on... the kids jumping all over the car, you would think it would be common sense.

Over and over I see the commenters chastising the father for not having his daughter properly restrained in a car seat, or how the cars aren't going that fast, or how the father should have pulled the parking brake to keep his vehicle from careening out of control.

And I think these comments are madness. The report from the scene does say that the little girl wasn't properly restrained in her car seat, but as a father I know how quickly your kids can get out of their seats and into trouble. You can look in the rearview mirror one moment and everything's fine. Ten seconds later and you're kid's out of his seat and doing vaults off the back seat.

The little girl should have been in her car seat, but this dad acted like a hero to jump out into traffic and save his little girl. Watch the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions. He may not be Father of the Year, but at least he still has his little girl.