Here's a theory on why ROAD RAGE is still common and no one is in any huge hurry to calm themselves down.  It's because almost ALL OF US are in denial.

According to a new survey from EIN News, 83% of people say they don't think of themselves as having road rage.  BUT . . . the survey also found that 85% of people actually DO show at least some signs of road rage.  That's a GARGANTUAN disconnect.

 Here are a few other findings from the survey . . .

47% of people say BMW drivers are most likely to have road rage.

 45% of people say ELDERLY DRIVERS are their biggest source of anger when they're driving.

46% of people say tailgating makes them angry . . . 45% say people not using turn signals . . . and 33% say drivers on cell phones anger them.

58% of people say they're the calmest on the road when they're not in a huge hurry to get somewhere. 

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