One positive result of the pandemic has been the realization that a lot of things can be done online or at least in a much more convenient way. For example, a lot of work meetings can actually be sent in an email. Or even a menu at a restaurant can be pulled up on your phone. These restaurants were definitely onto something and the DMV knows it which is why they're changing the way drivers can renew their registrations.

Idahoans will no longer have to wait in the long and obnoxious lines at the DMV. Beginning in October, drivers will now be an option to renew their vehicle registrations using a QR code.

The QR codes will be posted on vehicle registration renewal letters. This means that drivers can simply scan the QR code with their phones using the camera. That will take you to processing and payment options for renewing your vehicle registration. This should save Idaho drivers all the time and energy being able to do it this efficiently and conveniently.

“This is a safe and secure way for Idahoans to renew with their phone to save time and money,” said DMV Operations Manager Lisa McClellan. "The DMV launched the QR code in Ada, Canyon and Kootenai counties earlier this year, and is excited to offer this option statewide."

If you're old school, you still have the option to renew your registration online at, by mail or in person at a county DMV office - whichever is the easiest for you.

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