It is a combination of reasons that Blue Lakes is so infuriating. I have decided to come up with all the lovely reasons that Blue Lakes has become the most infuriating road in the area. I have a feeling many of you are going to agree with me.


  • 1

    The traffic

    Stop, go, stop, go. You will be lucky to get up to the speed limit on Blue Lakes which is, by the way, 35 MPH. Can we just hit 30 every once in a while?

  • 2

    The drivers

    People cutting you off left and right, not letting you in when you have a blinker on, stopping in the middle of the road to let other people in who don't have the right of way yet. People need to use their blinkers. The list goes on and on.

  • 3

    5 points

    So you can't take a left on to Addison from Blue Lakes, the traffic light takes forever to change, it gets backed up right there. So frustrating.

  • 4

    2nd and Blue Lakes

    If you are heading down Blue Lakes and you come across the intersection at 2nd where Maxies is, that intersection is so frustrating! People not signaling to make the turn, people stopping when they don't have a stop sign, people blowing through the stop sign. UGH

  • 5

    The exit of Rocket Express

    Especially during the winter time. Cars turning on to Blue Lakes as they exit Rocket Express are drip drying still. That water in the winter turns into a nice ice skating rink.

  • 6

    Everything between Pole Line Rd and the bridge

    That entire section there is a giant accident waiting to happen. People trying to dart across all 5 lanes of traffic, people trying to turn left during 5 pm traffic, all the drivers slamming on their brakes.

  • 7

    Pot holes

    Pot hole season is rough on Blue Lakes. Trying to swerve to avoid them is guaranteeing you go into another lane. Just hope there isn't oncoming traffic or someone on the other side of you when you swerve. Or hit it and pray the pot hole doesn't destroy a tire.

  • 8

    Red light runners

    There are so many people that blow through the red lights on Blue Lakes it is ridiculous!

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