It is many people's favorite food and is something you can eat no matter what time of year it is. There are many varieties you can order from countless combinations of toppings, to the type of crust, to even the type of cheese you use. Where you get your pizza from can also dictate how it tastes, and how much it costs as well. Many have asked the question, and surely many different answers have been given. It is a debate that has been going on for years and will continue to, but who has the best pizza in Twin Falls?

The Best Pizza in Twin Falls

Credit: MarquezBlake
Credit: MarquezBlake

Recently I was working an event in the area and someone from out of town approached me and began talking to me, the subject of places to eat came up and they asked where the best place to get pizza in Twin Falls was. A coworker standing by heard the question and we both looked at each other, unsure how to answer. We both have favorite places in the Magic Valley, but when limiting the question to only Twin Falls, we had to think about our favorite places. It got me thinking, when it comes to pizza, who has the claim to Twin Falls' best? There are plenty of big chains, there are some smaller chains, and there are some local options, but who takes the title of the best pizza in town? Instead of trying to answer this, and causing an ongoing debate, we figured it is best to let the residents of Twin Falls decide. Who holds the title of the best pizza in Twin Falls? 

Who Has the Best Pizza in Twin Falls? 

There is a variety of places to choose from, but which one do you prefer? While cost can often play a factor, this is based on the best-tasting pizza. If money wasn't a factor, which place would be your choice if you could only have one pizza in town? There are many big chains, but perhaps that is what you prefer. There are also sit-down restaurants that have pizza you may not think of, and even a ghost kitchen is on the list. You can vote once per day and the poll closes at the end of the month.

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Let's end the debate once and for all and let the people that know the best answer, who has the best pizza in Twin Falls. Come back and vote every day and the results will be revealed on August 1. If you can't decide who to vote for, there is time to do some research, so get out there and start trying some pizza around town.

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