There have been so many different cold cases that surround water in Idaho. Unfortunately, there have been people that have never been found and their families never got closure. Some Idahoans with "superpowers" could potentially help.

The main "superpower" I am talking about is the ability to scuba dive and some investigative work. There are a couple of groups of people that will go around and search bodies of water, after doing a little digging into cold cases, and try to find closure for these families. "Adventures With Purpose" is one of those groups of people and they have helped solve multiple cases. I see no reason why something like this wouldn't be successful here in Idaho. Idahoans have these "superpowers" and the desire to find answers. The cases that come to mind first and foremost are these:

De'Orr Kunz - he has been missing since 2015 after the two-year-old with his family went camping. The child mysteriously disappeared. There are creeks around that area that have all been searched but it never hurts to look again. He went missing at Timber Creek Campground

Michael Vaughan - The boy from Fruitland has been missing for months. He went to find children to play with within his neighborhood and hasn't been seen since. There is a possibility that he was taken so he could potentially be anywhere now. However, it might be good to search bodies of water around Fruitland, even if it is just for further clues as to where he may have gone.

Stephanie Crane went missing in 1993 in Challis. She was nine years old at the time and never returned after she went bowling. There are several bodies of water around that area that someone could use their superpowers to search. It has been too long without closure.

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