The event has been going on all month long, technically. Tough Enough to Wear Pink is hosting a scavenger hunt as part of their Beer 4 Boobs fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer.

The scavenger hunt will go until October 27th, if you visit certain locations, but an item and get a stamp you will be entered for some prizes. The scavenger hunt is:

Milners Gate: get a mug for $30, that also comes with 2 drink tickets at the main event.

Babbels Cleaners get a $10 shirt

Snake River Pool and Spa get a $30 ruck and that gives you an entery to win the 9 mm pistol

The Barbershop at Gehrig Dale and Co get a $10 sticker.

If you complete the full scavenger hunt you could win a Trager, a pistol and more.

The money from the event gets donated. The main event will be October 29th at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds from 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. There is also going to be a $10 admission fee to get in, food, alcohol including beer, a silent auction, a raffle, live music and more.

It is definitely going to be a fun and interesting event. If you want to donate to the cause you can check out more information at their Facebook page event that has all the details for you. It also has all the information you need for the scavenger hunt to be entered for big prizes.

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