Filling summer hours can sometimes take a little creativity. So much stress for parents to help find ways to fill hours so kids don't fill it themselves with things you would rather not think about. Then, something awesome just falls into your lap. Bowladrome in Twin Falls has some great ideas to keep the whole family busy this summer.

What is There to Do at Bowladrome This Summer?

An excellent opportunity found me this week. The Summer Bowl Pass has 3 different levels of family fun. A Bowlpass Basic gets all the kids under 12 a game of bowling every day from June 1st through August 31st. Bowlpass Platinum has 2 hours of bowling for parents, grandparents, babysitters, and any children under 18 through September 30th. The Bowlpass Titanium includes all the Platinum plus shoe rental.

Cosmic bowling is on Friday and Saturday nights. The lights turn out and the awesome turns on! $17 for 2 hours, and $8.50 for under 12 until 10 PM on Saturdays. There’s an awesome special on Thursdays; $2 games, $2 shoe rental, and $2 pizza slices.

Summer Youth/Adult league will starts in June for those family members who like spending time together. I know it feels unorthodox, but you can try it and see if it is for you.

There’s a competitive way to hone your skills and have fun with pot bowling on Mondays at 1p and 7p. I have been bowling in a league on Monday nights for 3 years now, and don’t seem to be getting much better. This summer, I am determined to change that. My league teammates won’t know what happened when I come back this fall with an all-new and improved bowling average.

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Finally, there’s not just bowling. They’ve got a cornhole league on Thursday nights. I may have found something my husband and I can enjoy together. It doesn’t matter how badly I play, we’ll have fun. We can step it up a notch on Saturdays with tournaments if we feel adventurous.

This summer could be one of self-improvement. The kind of self-improvement that doesn’t require a bank loan or study manuals to complete. Muscle memory is learning. Maybe my muscles will remember a 300 game, or at least envision one.

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