I’m all for having a fun day out, but let’s be real. Should anyone be out playing cornhole, drinking beer, and enjoying live music on a Thursday? Aren’t there more responsible things to do?

Please Fundraise Responsibly, Magic Valley

Sure, it could be for a good cause. Tough Enough to Wear Pink does some great work. They help plenty of people and support many boobs. But I am abashed at the idea that they are doing this on a Thursday. Of all the nerve.

Tough enough to wear pink/canva
Tough enough to wear pink/canva

Let’s start with the fact that the name of the game is cornhole. Too many jokes can be made with that name. It’s low-hanging fruit and you’re better than that. Perhaps a petition could be started to change the name cornhole to a more appropriate title?

Drinking on a Thursday seems irresponsible toward Friday. Most people have a 5-day work week and don’t need to be taking off an extra day of work because they overdid themselves at a charity event. Promoting weekday drinking doesn’t seem like a responsible way to conduct a fundraiser.

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Live music on a Thursday? What about all the people not attending the event that are being good workers going to work on time on Friday? Think of the children. They don’t need loud music keeping them up. They have tests for the end of the school year. They need a good night’s sleep.

But really, it’s a cool thing going on. Support the Twin Falls Tough Enough to Wear Pink 'Bags, Booze & Boobs' in a great night of fun. Maybe you can make it a 3-day weekend.

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