Have you used any of your vacation this year? The average American receive less vacation time than the workers in every other country . . . we're not even using the time off we DO get.

According to a survey by Expedia from CNN in 2010, the average American got 18 vacation days . . . but only used 14 of them.

In comparison, the French got an average of 37 and took 35, and the British got 28 and took 25.

Added up, American workers left 448 MILLION unused vacation days on the table.  Based on the average full-time salary of just over $39,000, that means Americans wasted $67.5 BILLION worth of vacation time in 2010.

BUT . . . a lot of people feel like they kind of HAVE to skip vacation days.  People are clinging to their jobs and trying to show they bring value to the company . . . and sometimes that means showing up every single day.

72% of the people surveyed also say that when they do take a vacation day, they check in with the office at some point.

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