How Much Pizza Do Americans Consume?
As Americans we use a lot of stuff. Have you ever thought about how MUCH stuff we go through in a how many shoes, pairs of jeans or toilet paper? Well, Buzzfeed broke it down for you.
1.  Jeans . . . 175 pairs.
2.  Shoes . . . 310 pairs.
How Much Do You Spend on the 4th of July?
Holiday's can be expensive! You may think the 4th of July is an inexpensive holiday because it's not celebrated with gifts. But the average family ends up spending $318.00 on the 4th of July and Americans as a whole spend $645million dollars on fireworks alone!
Good News For The USA
Today should be national cheeseburger day because it's time to celebrate. The United States in no longer the fattest country in the world. According to a new report from the United Nations, 32.8 percent of Mexican adults are considered obese, compared to 31.8 percent of adults in the United Sta…
Here’s How the Average American Spends the 24 Hours of Their Day
I think we all get to the end of our day wishing that their were just a few more hours left to get EVERYTHING done. It makes you wonder what exactly are we doing with the 24  hours we have in each day. Well, the U.S. Department of Labor just released the results of their annual study in the Wall Str…
Americans Didn’t Use $67 Billion of Vacation Time Last Year
Have you used any of your vacation this year? The average American receive less vacation time than the workers in every other country . . . we're not even using the time off we DO get.
According to a survey by Expedia from CNN in 2010, the average American got 18 vacation days . . . but onl…
Americans Love Every Single Government Service
Maybe the government COULD get a little smaller and COULD abuse us with fewer taxes . . . if only we didn't love every single thing it does so damn much.
According to a new Harris poll, basically, Americans love every government program, don't know what we'd ever do without them, and w…