What would you do? What would you do if you were sick but had to decide to go to work or stay home? It is a decision we have all had to make and have to make multiple times throughout the year. Do you risk getting your coworkers sick? Do you take time off and rest, but potentially miss out on pay or something important at work? Do you risk losing your time off to take off a day that you didn't calculate for? This is a tough choice that many have to make, but when forced to face this decision what would you do? 

Stay Home or Going to Work Sick in Idaho

Credit: Piotr Marcinski
Credit: Piotr Marcinski

During the summer, most families don't deal with as much illness in the home as they do during the school year or long winters in Idaho. While that is typically true, this summer, as mentioned here, COVID is making the rounds, as well as other diseases that are being picked up from those traveling this summer, or from tourists bringing in other diseases. Odds are high that eventually you or someone in your household will encounter one of these illnesses and need to decide on staying home to take care of yourself or your children or going to work. With using time off for vacation, it can be tough to miss more work for an unexpected illness, but what is the right choice? 

Getting Sick in Idaho

Credit: andriano_cz
Credit: andriano_cz

Going to work sick has risks. You can pass it around to coworkers, you can fall asleep from fatigue at work, your work can suffer from lack of focus, and you suffer from lack of rest. The reason for wanting to go is to keep your time off, to not fall behind, and to keep the money flowing if you have a job that doesn't offer paid time off. Staying home is a smart choice to rest and not spread the disease, but the fear of using a precious paid day off can be tough to handle, the thought of missing out on a shift can be hard financially, and others don't want to risk falling behind on work. You can not tell your boss and try to hide it, or you can stay home, get some rest, and try to make it back the following day. 

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While your body may tell you one thing to do, your mind may be running wild and telling you to suck it up and get to work. It isn't always an easy choice to make, but the next time you are sick and have to decide between staying home or going to work, what would you do? 

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