It is the time of year when many families are loading up their cars and hitting the road for family vacations. While flying might be quicker and easier, it is also much pricier. There is something to be said for a good road trip, but as most know, the excitement of being in the car, and the reality are two different things. Living in Idaho, it takes a while to get to most places and can make those long hours in the car a drag. Where is a good place to road trip to from Idaho? There is one destination that is perfect to vacation that will allow you to enjoy time in the car, have plenty to do on your trip, and not break the bank this summer.

The Best Place to Vacation Away from Idaho

Credit: Jeff Townsquare Media
Credit: Jeff Townsquare Media

While some prefer to lay out on a beach or to explore a busy city with tourist attractions, the best place to take a vacation when leaving Idaho, is only a few hours away in Utah. Salt Lake City is the perfect destination, especially for those with little kids, a budget, or only a few days allowed away from work. It is far enough to get the fun of a road trip, but not too far to where you get bored in the car. For those with kids, it is the right distance before they get car fatigue. With it being closer than other destinations, it will save on flying and gas, as those in Southern Idaho can make it there on one tank. There is plenty to do, and something for everyone, no matter your age or interests. 

Why to Visit Salt Lake City this Summer

Credit: Jeff Townsquare Media
Credit: Jeff Townsquare Media

Salt Lake City has plenty to offer, and it will be tough to get to everything, making it a place to visit multiple times. If you enjoy the mountains, head up to Park City and enjoy shopping, going down an alpine slide or a mountain coaster, or watching skiers and snowboarders do tricks at Olympic Park. If you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of trails to choose from, with many leading to hidden lakes and waterfalls to make the adventure worth it. For sports fans, you can catch a soccer game and cheer on Real Salt Lake, for basketball fans you can go to a Utah Jazz game, and for college sports fans, Utah and BYU both have beautiful campuses and sports teams to cheer for. There is plenty of shopping, good eating, and tons of arcades, play areas, and things to do with kids. The Living Planet Aquarium is a must for anyone who has little kids or enjoys marine life, or you can spend an afternoon at Utah's Hogle Zoo. 

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While some may prefer to get further away from Idaho for vacation, or a different landscape, for those who want to get away for a few days, Salt Lake City might be the place for you. You can save money by doing hikes, kayaking, or enjoying time in the wilderness, or you can spend time in the city having fun and doing things you can't do in Southern Idaho. These are only a few examples of why Salt Lake City is the perfect vacation destination this summer, and odds are every time you go, you will find something new and fun to do.

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