We have so many waterfalls around the area you may not even realize it. The waterfalls will all be flowing by the weekend and there are a ton you can go and visit. Of course, we have Shoshone Falls which are always slightly flowing but they have been turned on higher.

It is amazing to go to Shoshone Falls when the water is flowing really well. But those aren't the only falls that will be turned on by the weekend. You will be able to go see Ross Falls, Phantom Falls, Pillar Falls, Auger Falls, the Perrine Coulee will also be slightly more full, Twin Falls, Mermaid Cove and Cauldron Linn.

Again most of these flow year round but not to the extent that they will by this weekend. The best thing about spring time is there is so much water flowing and you can see some amazing sights without burning up.

Phantom Falls is the only one that I know of that doesn't really flow year round. During the spring is when the majority of the water goes through. It isn't too bad of a hike to go see them during the summer time as long as you bring water and take a rest in the shade.

Visit Southern Idaho also created a guide to the waterfalls in the area, how to get to them and when the best time is to go see them.

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