Mother's Day is right around the corner. It snuck up fast this year. I know each year we debate what to get mom for Mother's Day, so we have a list of things mom actually wants this year.

Now, I'm not saying Twin Falls moms don't still want the expensive jewelry or the expensive knick-knack you may want to get her. All I'm saying is, I think Twin Falls moms want these things instead.


  • 1

    No Fighting

    If you are a kid still living at home, or if you are a child that does not get along with your siblings, but you have to be around each other anyway, don't fight. That is the last thing mom wants. She wants a peaceful, loving, fun day with her entire family.

  • 2

    A New Gun

    Ok honestly though, mom wants a new and fun gun. She could get some serious use out of a new rifle or handgun. I dare say, even more use than that expensive bracelet you are thinking about getting her.

  • 3

    Get Pampered

    How amazing would it be to send mom out to get a massage, or her hair and nails done, or even a warm bath at home with no interruptions? I bet she would love that.

  • 4

    Something Useful

    Listen to your mom and see if she starts talking about things that she needs around the house. Did her blow dryer go out? Does she need a new curling iron? Does she want more pictures of the family? All of those things you can do. So listen and see what she wants

  • 5

    Camping With The Family

    Idaho weather is not cooperating with this one, but guarantee mom really wants to get out and go camping. Bring the entire family (see item 1) and make sure you have a great time. Maybe schedule it for later, give her an I.O.U one camping trip.

  • 6

    A Chore She Can't/Doesn't Want To Do

    Maybe she has been trying to get a garden put in but she doesn't have time to clear out the weeds, maybe she needs help with the lawn or the housework. Maybe she wanted help hanging some pictures and she doesn't have a ladder. Think outside the box on some chores that need done but she hasn't had time to do.

  • 7

    A Nap

    Let mom take a nap. Don't wake her if the house isn't on fire, let her sleep in a little bit on Sunday. Be quiet if she gets a little snooze on the couch. Just let her sleep!

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