Wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour tore through Twin Falls and surrounding areas on December 14th. The high winds caused major damage to Twin Falls businesses, homes, and commutes.

The wind this morning was pretty crazy. It caused some serious destruction.

Windy conditions

Sure this is only a giant pile of tumbleweeds but could you imagine if all of those hit you at once while driving down the interstate or something. That is going to be a big mess to clean up. It looks like the fence is ready to fall over.

attachment-boot barn sign

The poor Boot Barn sign. It definitely was facing the wrong direction for those winds this morning. Thankfully it did not completely topple over onto a vehicle.


And kuddos to the crew that is working so hard to make sure that the sign gets fixed without further damage to vehicles or patrons.


attachment-windy broken window

Boot Barn isn't the only business that suffered from the wind. Guppies Hotrod Grille in Kimberly had a window broken out.

attachment-broken window guppies

That is going to cause a draft.


And it isn't quite a true Idaho wind storm without a thrown-around trampoline. Thankfully, this one got caught on a fence and didn't hit a house or vehicle.

attachment-another trampoline

This is going to take a long time for them to clean up

attachment-continued trampoline

And I don't think that the trampoline is salvageable. There is a very sad group of kids right now.

attachment-big toppled tree

Big trees toppling over can be incredibly scary. I am hoping this one didn't damage a home

attachment-toppled tree

This one is causing a pretty good traffic block.

attachment-blown branches

And thankfully these sticks and branches that flew into this yard didn't cause too much drama.

attachment-broken porch

This porch didn't stand a chance.

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