There haven't been a lot of places in Idaho that have premiered on the show 'Diners Drive Ins and Dives" and most of them have been in Boise. Maybe I am a little bias but there are a ton of Twin Falls restaurants that should be on that list.

How do we get Guy Fieri to come check out Twin Falls? There are some hidden jewels in Southern Idaho he is missing out on.

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  • 1

    Buffalo Cafe

    This place is phenomenal. Plus, Guy Fieri, no one for that matter, has truly lived until they had the Buffalo Chips.

  • 2

    Norm's Cafe

    This mom and pop restaurant would be perfect for the show. Great food, great atmosphere and been around Twin Falls forever. They are always packed, they have loyal regulars and some of the friendliest staff. Plus, did we mention the food is amazing?

  • 3

    Anchor Bistro and Bar

    The Anchor is always busy and a great time. The food is fantastic, if you haven't had the ahi tuna tacos yet, you are missing out. Guy Fieri would love this place, just like we do.

  • 4

    T & T Cafe

    Ok, technically not Twin Falls, but they have some delicious food and amazing atmosphere. They are amazing people that cook amazing food.

  • 5

    Twin Falls Sandwich Co

    They have some of the best sandwiches on the planet. Their French fries and chips are pretty stellar as well. I haven't had a bad meal there and it is always busy.

  • 6

    Pho Taki

    This little restaurant and Asian food market is so good and so easy to miss. On Addison in the same complex as the UHaul place, their food is so delicious. Plus they have a boba tea place in there as well.

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