It has been over 25 years since Regina Krieger went missing without a trace. There have always been rumors circulating about her running away, being kidnapped or murdered. Over 25 years later a guilty verdict has been announced for her murder.

Gilberto Rodrigues has been found guilty of first degree murder of Regina Krieger who was 14 years old when she died. His sentencing will be on August 26th. For those who were around in 1995 probably remember when this story first got underway. There are lots of family and friends that still live in the area.

I had the privilege of speaking with Regina's mother who now lives out of state a few years ago as Gilberto Rodriguez was arrested. She told me that she had a feeling this would be the turn out. Her mother said she never stopped believing that Regina would get justice.

I hope to reach out to Regina's mother again and get her reaction from this story. I can't imagine how much relief, sadness and mixed emotions this family is feeling right now. It is crazy to think something like this could happen to such a young girl. To have her disappear without a trace is crazy.

Congratulations to prosecutors, FBI agents, detectives and everyone who worked hard on the case to get justice and peace for the family. I am sure for many of you it has been a long time coming. I hope it helps you all rest a little easier.

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