24 years after the murder of Regina Krieger, an arrest has been made in connection to her death. We got to speak with her mother Rhonda about the roller coaster she has been on over the last 24 years.

When Regina was 14 years old she lived in Burley after her parents split. She decided to live in Burley with her dad while her mom lived in Twin Falls. According to Rhonda, there were some pretty strict rules she had to abide by in order to be able to stay in Burley. Months before Regina's disappearance, Rhonda began noticing changes in her daughter's appearance and behavior. She knew her daughter was on drugs.

While she was in the process of getting Regina back to Twin Falls she went missing. Rhonda said she got a call from her brother saying there was blood in the basement and Regina was gone. According to Rhonda, police assumed it was a suicide or run away case. It wasn't until they found Regina's body in April with stab marks and a slit throat that they began to investigate it as a homicide.

24 years later, Rhonda recalls everything in this interview. She explains exactly how she felt, the type of person her daughter was and how she has struggled trying to find someone to help her bring closure and justice.

Obviously, this investigation is still incredibly sensitive and she could not provide many details about that, but she did tell us how elated she was to have an arrest. When I asked if she could say one thing to her daughter's murderer what would it be, she said, "...That time is coming."

Although Rhonda will not be able to be at every court proceeding, she will be at as many as she can. She has support from locals as well. We look forward to keeping an eye on this story and this family.

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