It has been a crazy 2020 and if we are being honest, a lot of us could use some Christmas cheer. And we have come up with a list of things Twin Falls actually wants this year for Christmas. Let us know if we missed any.

Twin Falls Christmas List


Twin Falls could definitely use a third bridge that reaches across the canyon. Getting across the Perrine Bridge during construction season or during maintenance is a tough one.

I personally would love a few extra plows on the roads. Last year when trying to change my brakes it took 3 men and a hammer to get my tire off. Apparently that is what happens in the winter when sand and salt gets stuck in your tires. I had no idea.

In N Out is definitely super high on my list for Christmas. I really want a double double and animal style fries. I know there is one in Salt Lake City but I haven't heard great things about it. I need In N Out in my life.

Actually, all I want for Christmas is to be happy and spend some time with my family and friends that I love and have missed all year long. I know I am not the only one with this sentiment. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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