Living in Twin Falls has been wonderful for me. I truly believe I am where I am supposed to be for the rest of my life. Some people say there is nothing to do, there is a lot of negativity, and it is too small. I think it is about perspective. Here are some indications that you are living your best life in Twin Falls.


  • 1

    You're embracing the outdoors

    There may not be a ton of nightlife in the area, but that is because the great outdoors is exactly that here, great. There are so many places to go hiking, biking, hunting, camping, hidden gems that you can only find if you explore the path. Embracing the outdoors definitely helps you live the best life in Twin Falls.

  • 2

    You are learning everything you need to know about your firearm

    Guns are huge in Twin Falls. People love them but people also love to be knowledgeable about them. Get training for your firearm, learn your firearm inside and out, getting a concealed carry permit. These are all things that are great ways to get the best out of your life with your gun.

  • 3

    Accepting camo as a fashion statement

    We love camouflage everything. Camo clothing, camo furniture, camo stuff for our pets, if it can be made camo it is going to be camo here. Accepting it, even embracing it and trying it, might make life a little more fun.

  • 4

    Learn how to play disc golf

    It's an awesome pastime that people love around here. There are so many different courses to explore. It is so much fun.

  • 5

    Get a dog and bring them everywhere

    Dogs are legitimately man's best friend. Take your dog on adventures with you because they will make it that much more enjoyable. Dogs are the best and there is so much to do around here with them.

  • 6

    Open your mind to all different cuts and types of potatoes

    There are so many different types of potatoes, cuts, ways to fry, bake, mash. Potatoes go with every meal and they can all be different. Learn to love them all.

  • 7

    Realize that stink smells like money

    Yes, everyone can smell it. Yes, it is probably a factory or some sort. But it is also jobs, it is money, it is a way for people to feed themselves and their families. That smell, it smells like money.

  • 8

    Be friendly

    People here are mostly friendly, be friendly back. If a complete stranger starts talking to you, it is not them trying to find an angle or case you up. They are just being friendly.

  • 9

    Find ways to appreciate all four seasons

    We have all four seasons and there is so much to enjoy about all of them. Even if you don't like winter, find a fun hobby like skiing, skating, ice fishing. The summer can be hot, but there is so much to do like kayaking, swimming and camping.

  • 10

    Don't try to make it like the place you moved away from

    This seems to be the biggest complaint I hear from people. I am not saying that you shouldn't advocate for change or try to make the world a better place. I am saying don't try to make it feel like the place you came from because you left there for a reason.

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